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October Market Update

Baldwin County Housing Market:

A Flourishing October 2023

Baldwin County’s Real Estate on the Rise! 📈

Hey there, Baldwin County enthusiasts and real estate aficionados! It’s time for your monthly dose of housing market insights, and guess what? October 2023 has been a remarkable month for our beloved Baldwin County. Let’s dive into the details with a sprinkle of light-heartedness and #AskJudd for more personalized insights! 🌟

Overall Market Growth 🚀

Total Sales Increase

This October, we witnessed a whopping $16.5 million jump in total property sales compared to last year. That’s some serious growth, folks!

Average Sales Price Uptick

Both Traditional Residential and Resort/Island markets contributed to this surge with notable increases in average sales prices. 🏖️🏘️

Resort Area Market Dynamics 🏖️

Average Sales Price

A robust 8.5% increase, reaching an average of $709,683.

That’s quite the upscale trend!

Days on Market (DOM)

Properties now take an average of 66 days to sell,

slightly more leisurely than last year’s 52 days.

New Listings & Closed Sales

A 29.2% increase in new listings and a 9.7% rise in closed sales.

The Resort area is buzzing with activity!

Traditional Residential Market Trends 🏠

Average Sales Price Growth

A steady rise of 6.7% year-over-year, hitting an average of $405,996.

DOM Increase

Properties are taking a bit longer to sell, averaging 39 days on the market.

Inventory & Sales

New listings are up by 6.6%, but closed sales have dipped by 6.3%.

Regional Breakdown: Residential MLS Stats 📊

Central Baldwin

– Properties Sold: 146

– Average Sales Price: $342,796 (📈 3.0% from 2022)

– DOM: 44

Coastal Condos

– Properties Sold: 97

– Average Sales Price: $582,729 (📉 2.5% from 2022)

– DOM: 55

Coastal Homes

– Properties Sold: 90

– Average Sales Price: $730,089 (📈 17% from 2022)

– DOM: 43

Eastern Shore

– Properties Sold: 153

– Average Sales Price: $468,627 (📈 10.2% from 2022)

– DOM: 33

North Baldwin

– Properties Sold: 21

– Average Sales Price: $277,914 (📉 9.5% from 2022)

– DOM: 50

In conclusion, Baldwin County’s housing market in October 2023 has shown impressive resilience and growth, with each area displaying its unique trends. Whether you’re eyeing a cozy condo by the coast or a traditional home in Central Baldwin, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant market.

Stay tuned for more updates, and don’t hesitate to #AskJudd for all your real estate queries! 🌟🏡

Remember, whether you’re buying, selling, or just browsing,

Baldwin County’s real estate scene is as dynamic as ever! 🌊🍂🏠

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